Monday, May 05, 2008

Sea Fighter Reporting for Duty

I love the Sea Fighter, about the only earmark that was ever worth something, and what the littoral combat ship should have been. From Defense Industry Daily:

May 2/08: International Systems LLC, DBA L-3 Communications
Advanced Systems Division in San Diego, CA received a $20 million cost plus
fixed fee contract to modify the FSF-1 Sea Fighter experimental ship. They will
design, integrate, and implement modifications that will improve ship
survivability, and also improve various hull, mechanical and electrical
capabilities. This award stems from one of Rep. Duncan Hunter’s [R-CA-52,
ranking Republican on House Armed Services Committee]
FY 2008 earmark initiatives, which passed through
the appropriations committee process.
Work will be performed in San Diego,
CA and is expected to be complete in April 2009.

Sounds like somethings in the works. Someone correct me on the price, but I believe the Sea Fighter costs about $50 million to build, or about 10% the tag of the LCS. (below)